Editorial: Waiting in Vain

For months the country waited for The Supreme Court to issue one of the most important decisions in its 226 year history. Some hoped the Court would reaffirm the traditional understanding that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Others looked forward to a ruling that would declare gender irrelevant and legalize […]

Walking Through the Wilderness

There is a big story going on around us. A cosmic war is being fought: God is at work in the world to find the lost, release the prisoners, and bring them out of the kingdom of darkness and death into his kingdom of light and life. If you decide that you want to be […]

Editorial: The Titanic Sails at Midnight

At its most recent meeting, the Connectional Table (CT) voted 26 to 10 to recommend radically changing global United Methodism’s position on marriage and sexuality (see “Dramatic Changes Proposed,” page 30). The Connectional Table — a leadership council for the UM Church — will be sending its recommendation to the 2016 General Conference. Termed a […]

Editorial: Doing the Hard Things

It’s hard to do hard things. And people don’t like doing things that are hard. So often they do nothing or turn to something easy that only makes matters worse. What has Congress done to address our national debt that is now over $18 trillion and growing by more than a billion dollars a day? […]

Editorial: No Laughing Matter

Recently, the General Board of Church and Society in Washington D.C. has done a pretty good job – of keeping a low profile and not making the kinds of radical statements that have baffled and bothered traditional United Methodists for decades. But all that changed when one of the Board’s senior staffers, Dr. Bill Mefford, […]

Episcopal Oversight

Many of you who read my editorials are pastors of a local church as I am. Imagine this scenario. One hundred of your most committed and loyal members write you a letter. You know they love your church. Most of them have been members for decades. They serve faithfully in your congregation’s ministries and they […]

Editorial: The Tale of Two Narratives

There are two competing narratives regarding the future of The United Methodist Church. Both are predicated on what most observers believe is likely to happen at the 2016 General Conference. The most probable scenario is that we will leave Portland with little significant change to the Book of Discipline regarding sexuality. There may be some […]

Rob Renfroe’s Inspiring Address

There were many memorable moments during the July 18 meeting in Atlanta that spurred more than 100 leading pastors and theologians to issue the statement “Integrity and Unity.” For the participants, the most inspirational portion of the day was when the Rev. Rob Renfroe, president of Good News, delivered a stirring presentation on what it […]

Editorial: Strange Bedfellows

Talk about strange bedfellows. Poles apart theologically. Diametrically opposed regarding the church’s direction. What could possibly unite adamant progressives and committed evangelicals within The United Methodist Church? A plan for the future of the UM Church called “A Way Forward.” Put forth by some of our denomination’s leading pastors, this plan would allow each annual […]

Balancing Grace and Truth

The Gospel of John begins with a picture of God entering our world and making himself known in the person of Jesus. John’s description of “The Beautiful One” opens with a sentence that may be at the same time one of the simplest and most profound ever written. When I was a sophomore at Rice […]

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