Time For Your Church to Leave the Denomination?

By Thomas Lambrecht – This is a time fraught with anxiety and frustration for many United Methodists. Some progressives are exasperated that they are unable to fully affirm LGBTQ ordination, same-sex marriage, and various gender identities. Some traditionalists are upset at some of the ways traditionalist pastors and churches appear to have been targeted by […]

Mt. Bethel UM Church and North Georgia Conference Remain at an Impasse

Statement from Mt. Bethel UM Church, Marietta, Georgia: The Mt. Bethel members authorized by the church’s Administrative Council to mediate, along with legal counsel, met [August 28, 2021] in good faith with legal representatives of the North Georgia Annual Conference (NGAC) in a professionally mediated session.   The representatives of Mt. Bethel were there endeavoring […]

Bright Light In Montgomery

By Steve Beard –  The sun was bright and unforgiving as I paid my respects at the gravesite of Hank Williams on a bluff in Montgomery, Alabama. A cowboy hat would have helped. The heat was a far cry from the dreary night of January 1, 1953, when much of the South was covered in […]

Prayers When Things Are Dark

By Tish Harrison Warren –  It was a dark year in every sense. It began with the move from my sunny hometown, Austin, Texas, to Pittsburgh in early January. One week later, my dad, back in Texas, died in the middle of the night. Always towering and certain as a mountain on the horizon, he […]

Dissecting “Inclusiveness” Theology

By Thomas Lambrecht – In a sermon preached in the run-up to the 2019 General Conference, Bishop Elaine Stanovsky (Greater Northwest Episcopal Area) promoted the One Church Plan and her vision for the inclusiveness of the church. That vision reflects the understanding of the majority of centrists and progressives in United Methodism. Her sermon is […]

Back to Our Future

By Mike Lowry, Bishop of the Central Texas Conference  The harsh reality is that we are in a post-Christendom age. No longer does the Christian faith, and more specifically the United Methodist Church, assume a leading societal position.  During my first year or so as a bishop, when I would mention that we were in […]

Speaking Up for Women

  By Thomas Lambrecht –  ​​​Now that the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, many are concerned about the future for women and girls in that country. The Taliban has a history of oppressing women and depriving them of human rights, as well as administering harsh punishments for various offenses against Islamic codes. The U.S. made […]

Why We Need a Denomination

By Thomas Lambrecht – Denominations are not in vogue right now in American culture. For the past 20 years, the non-denominational church movement has grown across the country until its congregations make up a significant portion of the Body of Christ in the U.S. and in Africa, as well. This reflects the tendency toward “do-it-yourself” […]

The Mission Jesus Gave Us

By Max Wilkins –  At TMS Global, we talk a lot about “joining Jesus in his mission.” But what, exactly, is that mission? Maybe you’ve wondered that, too. In recent decades, parts of the church in North America have watered down the mission of Jesus until anyone who is doing anything even remotely helpful or […]

We Must Have a 2022 General Conference

By Rob Renfroe –  Will we hold General Conference in 2022? That’s the question many people are asking. The simple answer is we must. And we can. This year, the most vocal progressive church in my annual conference, the Texas Annual Conference, requested and was granted disaffiliation. It will join the United Church of Christ, […]

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