Share Thanksgiving with an African Methodist Pastor

At World Methodist Evangelism (WME), we desire that Christ followers within the global Wesleyan family would become agents of transformation by sharing the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit. One way to become a change agent is to address the needs of the current moment.

Due to the effects of Covid-19 and an interrupted food supply chain, pastors in our Methodist/Wesleyan family in Africa are in desperate need. WME has been working to meet that need. So far, over 493 pastors have received support. Amazing!

You can help us continue this support:

$25 – food for one month for a rural pastor and his/her family

$50 – food for one month for a urban pastor and his/her family

Thank you for sharing your heart and your resources.

By giving, you are fulfilling the purpose of sharing your faith and spreading God’s love.

Your action illustrates the love of Jesus, and we are grateful to you.

Click HERE to give today to the African Pastors Food Fund. Your help will be a bridge to sustain these pastors and their families until life can return to a more normal rhythm.

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