Hear the Corn Grow

By B.J. Funk –

The Rev. B.J. Funk.

Hearing corn grow? For real?

I thought it was a myth or some old wives’ tale. So I went to a video on the internet and actually heard the corn growing. Like a continuous crackle. Fascinating!

So what does it sound like? Interestingly enough, it sounds remarkably similar to the sounds made when corn breaks. It seems that plant growth involves millions of tiny breakage events. These breakage events trigger the plant to rush to “repair” the broken regions. As the plant continues breaking and repairing, the plant is able to grow taller and taller.

Researchers think the crackling noises occur because of tiny fractures from the corn plant stretching, breaking, and growing. Fascinating!

Truth is, spiritually, you and I have more in common with the corn than we knew.  We, too, are continually breaking and repairing.

We grow in Christ through many kinds of breakings. These breakings trigger our spirits to rush to repair all that is broken in us. Christ reaches down to us, and we are bathed in his healing power. 

Through life events that often are unfair and hurtful, Christ stretches us as we move through pain and into deeper growth in him. We have tiny fractures and large fractures in our hearts and in our bodies as we stretch, break, and grow. We grow taller and taller spiritually as we break and allow Christ to help us.

I am an ear of corn. So are you. We each go through breakings that are large and small, but each one has a reason. God’s purpose is to bring us into why he created us in the first place. He has his plans for us, and those plans cannot find fulfillment until we submit to his garden. There, we will be stuck in some dirt that covers us and smothers us, given alone time that isolates us and makes us feel no other seed has ever had it so bad, and drenched with water that leaves us soaked and suffocated. We are always looking for a way out.

There is no way out. To your Maker, the sounds of growth are immeasurably sweet.

The darkness that smothers us will eventually grow us. The alone time that isolates us is doing a deeper work inside of us, and the water that drenches and suffocates us will bring a cleansing and a growth that will cause us to seek the Gardner. We will grow hungrier to know him better. We will love it when He stops to visit with us, when he walks beside us as he considers our growth, and when he tenderly watches over us. In this process of transformation, we grow taller spiritually.

It is only as we stretch and break that we can grow. It sounds painful. It is painful. But how else will our Maker get our attention? If you have felt stretched and broken, look to the corn and then thank God. He wants you to be a beautiful plant, ripe and ready for your next assignment. And what is that?

Well, after you stretch and grow, then you will be ready to be food for others, feeding young Christians with encouragement and wisdom as new life surges through you.

Look at Jacob’s son, Joseph. He was abandoned by his brothers, sold to a caravan of Ishmaelites, and eventually sold to Potiphar in Egypt. He was falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife and put into prison where, in the darkness and dampness of his soil, he learned the lessons God had planned for him. He would later emerge as a leader in Egypt, used eventually to help his own family during a heavy famine that affected not only Egypt but also Canaan. He was stretched and broken in the solitude of prison, and the finished product was a mature plant, worthy of being used for God’s plans.

It’s the same for you, beloved.

Wait. What’s that sound? Oh, it’s you, breaking and crackling. It’s you, growing taller. It’s you, being prepared for Kingdom work.  To your Maker, those sounds are immeasurably sweet.    

B.J. Funk is a Good News’ devotional columnist and author of It’s A Good Day for Grace.

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