Advocacy Groups From Across the Church Endorse the Protocol

Members of a diverse group of bishops and other United Methodist leaders gather for a group photo in Washington after reaching agreement on a proposal that would maintain The United Methodist Church but allow traditionalist congregations to separate into a new denomination. Photo courtesy of the Mediation Team.

The governing boards of advocacy groups who often are referred to as traditionalist, centrist, or progressive today announced their endorsement and support of the Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation. The following organizations join in this announcement:

The Confessing Movement within The United Methodist Church

Good News

Mainstream UMC

Reconciling Ministries Network

Uniting Methodists

UMC Next

Wesleyan Covenant Association

For additional information, contact Keith Boyette (540-538-3202) or any of the leaders of the enumerated groups.


  1. David F Miller says

    While this separation is necessary it has been a difficult process. It feels like the end of a marriage or even the death of a good friend

  2. Donald Neldon says

    Why does the church following the Book of Discipline have to take a new name.

    • w.f. meiklejohn says

      re; ‘why does the church following the Book of Discipline have to take a new name?’; perhaps because they are throwing out the Book of Discipline and re-writing their own? E.g. “Wesleyan Covenant Association Releases “Book of Doctrines and Discipline”

  3. What percentage of Methodists do these groups entail? Let me know when the African conferences start endorsing this protocol. Without Africa this protocol for separation is dead.

  4. Ommer Everson says

    I don’t think any of the plans up will get 50% at General Conference. Do you really trust clergy to vote the way they have promised, when they can’t even uphold their ordination vows? General Conference ballots are secret, so know one would know.

  5. For a long time the liberals refused to acknowledge that separation was the solution— instead, they tried to extensively paint traditionalists as those advocating the breakup of the UMC. Of course the great irony here, it has been the liberals for 48 years who have led us to this breakup, yet they still refuse to own any responsibility for it.

    Finally a consensus is building for separation. This Protocol Plan is being seen by liberals as a victory in that they get to “keep” the institution. They likely do not comprehend what they’re inheriting. Now, harsh reality traditionalists see a perhaps temporary defeat as ultimate victory in the new traditional denomination emerging based on faith in the Scriptures and the promises of God. Thats certainly something to hang one’s hat on.

  6. Michael McInnis says

    I agree that without the Africans being willing to support the Protocol (or the Indianapolis Plan, or some kind of amicable separation), it’s not gonna happen.

    The ball is in the African’s court. And (to continue the basketball analogy) they have the tallest players in the game.

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