Like a Mouse Dragging a Sticky Pad

By B.J. Funk –

After my husband Roy died, I knew I had to conquer many things. The hardest? You might be surprised. Learning how to catch a mouse!

No matter that I had to learn how to do the taxes, pay all of the bills, keep the yard, and handle all household repairs, catching a mouse was my biggest dread! I felt that I could never learn to use the standard wooden mouse traps, and I was sure I could never release a dead mouse from a trap!

Living out in Georgia’s beautiful countryside, my home is a sure target for an occasional field mouse who loves to run in and out of the nearby peanut fields. Someone suggested I get a cat. I’m allergic to cats. Someone else told me to put an Oak Snake in my garage. Seriously? If a tiny mouse comes close to giving me cardiac arrest, what would a snake do? So, I resorted to those black sticky pads and took great delight at my success. Not once did a trapped mouse escape! Of course, I used the long wooden handle of my broom to slowly pull the stuck mouse out of my house. No way was I going to kneel down and get close to that thing. With my cellphone in one hand, and 911 on speed dial, I felt as safe as I guess one could feel.

Usually, the pad caught the whole mouse, but one time a mouse’s leg was the only part that stuck on the pad. He could not get off. Therefore, the sticky pad went everywhere he went, slowing him down considerably and making him an easy prey for my newly-found catching a mouse skill.

The sticky pad reminds me of sin.

Sin is a like a large, black sticky pad. Excelling in catching humans, the sticky pad of sin holds its prey with a strong, relentless force.  Sin is dark and compelling, convincing you that you can never get away. Once caught in sin’s stickiness, humans begin to believe the lie that says, “No hope for you. I have you now! Don’t even try to leave my pad! It’s what you deserve. I laid a trap for you, and you fell in. You will be stuck with me forever!”

You begin to believe the lie, and everywhere you go, you drag the sticky pad of sin around with you.

But, believing that you can never escape the stickiness of sin is a lie from our enemy, Satan. Of course, there is no hope for the mouse. There is hope for us! We don’t have to drag around that sticky pad of sin. Because of Jesus, we can become free to live our lives outside of sin’s pull. Like land mines in a war, sticky sin pads are everywhere you go. But, as a Christian, you and I learn that sin’s sticky pull does not have to control our lives. We are free in Christ. Free to roam around joyfully on this earth, loving life and saying “no” to the guilt trip Satan’s sticky pads bring.

I believe that, as hard as the church has tried to present the truth of victorious living through Jesus Christ, we have somehow missed getting that message across. Why do we have so many defeated Christians? Why do we have so many Christians who cannot give up a deadly habit? Why do so many believers live below the glorious inheritance we have in Jesus?

Could it be because we do not really believe that Jesus saves? We say it. We proclaim it. But many do not live inside of it. We allow the pull of sin to take away our great gift of freedom. Joyce Meyer said in one of her teachings, “We have just enough of Jesus to get into heaven but not enough of Jesus to live in victory!”

We were meant to live in an abundance of victory. We were meant to run freely through the peanut fields of our lives, not getting caught on a sticky pad.

Until we truly grasp the grace of victory, we will live defeated lives. We will limp in and out of each day, one leg stuck always to our sin, like a mouse dragging a sticky pad.

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