VIDEO: Rob Renfroe takes on bishops who support the “One Church Plan”

Message by the Rev. Rob Renfroe, president of Good News, at the Confessing Movement luncheon of the Texas Annual Conference taking on the bishops who put forth the “One Church” Plan. “It has to be very frustrating for centrists and progressives to come up with an approach that they believe to be very reasonable and allows everyone to do what they desire only for us to find it unacceptable,” said Renfroe. “After all, what can be more American that allowing everyone to have it their way.” Watch the video HERE.


  1. William says:

    Could it be that we have a liberal bishop here who senses the direction of the wind with relation to her colleges’ local option plan as the 2019 General Conference approaches by saying, on the one hand, what liberal itching ears want to hear while doing what could have her on the right side of church law on the other?

  2. Ed Allred says:

    Why are pastors not speaking the points you are making?

    • Licensed Local Pastor says:

      Pastor’s are not speaking to these points for one of two reasons, if they agree with Rob Renfroe and espouse their convictions on the authority of scripture and the Bishops apostate actions their appointments can suddenly disappear as Bishops use District Superintendent’s to silence the truth they speak.
      The second reason is Pastor’s are more concerned with their advancement within the Bureaucracy that is the United Methodist Church and in order to do that they have to tow the party line(Bishops views) to advance.

  3. Having been to COS and annual conference it has become clear that the Bishops are exerting a lot of pressure and are trying very hard to cut off any dissent. Locals are all concerned of losing their appointments if they speak their mind. Even bishops in conservative areas have become very heavy handed. The elders who are still faithful are going to have to step up and lead the fight. It seems that a huge fight is brewing for delegates for the 2020 conference.

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