God’s Christmas Gift of Love

In a recent sermon, the Rev. Rob Renfroe reconnects us with the true meaning of Christmas, originating in God’s love.

“Whatever you have done, God is for you. Wherever you have wandered, God is with you. However you struggle, God understands you. Whatever you feel inside: guilt, shame, whatever, God loves you. And when he looks at you, there is grace in his eyes. And in his heart, there is an ocean of mercy. Oh, how he loves you!

“We’re looking at the gifts Jesus brought to us when he came on Christmas Day. And of course we begin with love because that’s how Christmas began. The Bible tells us that God so loved the world, that he gave, he sent, his only Son into the world. That’s where Christmas started, with the love of God.”

In the spirit of God’s love, the Good News staff wishes you and yours a blessed and joyous Christmas.

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