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  1. There is no justice in the Tupper resolution. You have rules, regulations and personal commitment to such rules in order to attract and organize like minded folk. If you pledge/agree to these rules and conditions and then violate them you should expect consequences. The Discipline lays out very clearly both the rule and the consequence. If you are no longer of a like mind then withdraw gracefully and find a new, receptive home.

    Clif Mefford

  2. This is an illegal act, to say the least. Only General Conference can establish a “local option”, which would have to be approved at the 2019 special General Conference, unless the church is now being governed de facto. Bottom line — this is just one more indicator that the new commission will likely come out of the starting gate at an impasse.

  3. Norman Ramsey says

    Where is the resolution with those against whom he broke covenant? Did I miss it? Is the breaking of covenant resolved if your only solution is to plan for a change in the covenant?

  4. There is nothing MORE harmful and LESS loving that we as God’s church can do for anyone, than look at their sin (as defined by God himself) and tell them it is righteous. It truly breaks my heart to see the state of the UMC since it has become a bastion of false teaching in this area.

  5. Dave Miller says

    This is disturbing. Should the complaintant have a say in the resolution. The quilty parties have been rewarded with the right to educate others in their sinful and lawlessness.

  6. Licensed Local Pastor says

    This neither “just” nor a “resolution”, before the Bishops commission on a way forward has met the Detroit Annual Conference has gone rogue with the blessing of Bishop Bard and District Superintendent Dulworth. Here in the Detroit Annual Conference we reward outright disobedience to the Book of Discipline and the Scriptures by re-defining Methodism and indoctrinating the laity and Elders in the “New World Order” the Big Tent Option.

    And Bishops wonder why the WCA came about, “Blind guides leading the blind” comes to mind.

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