VIDEO: Young Pastor Addresses Unity with Integrity in The United Methodist Church

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In the second of a series of videos, the Rev. Ryan Barnett, pastor of Kerrville First United Methodist Church in Kerrville, Texas, encourages General Conference delegates to stand for unity and integrity as they consider the future of The United Methodist Church.

Barnett, a young pastor who serves in the Rio Texas Annual Conference, said, “I think there is a lie that has permeated the church … the lie is that in order to reach young people we have to somehow change the historic message and teachings of the church.”

Reflecting on his pastoral experience serving on the staff of one of the largest churches in the denomination, leading a racially diverse church in Corpus Christi, Texas, and now leading a large church in Kerrville, Barnett observed that, “Today, young people like me have the opportunity to choose from any number of denominations that hold a wide variety of beliefs, but everyday we are choosing to enter The United Methodist Church.”

Speaking directly to the 2016 General Conference delegates, Barnett said, “I hope you will do everything in your power to uphold our historic commitment to Scriptural holiness, and the orthodox practice of the Christian faith.”

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