The Indomitable Spirit of East Congo United Methodists

EC Mother and Baby

Photo by Mike DuBose, UM Communications.

Despite challenges most Christians can barely imagine, East Congolese United Methodists not only survive, they thrive.

United Methodist News Service reporter Kathy Gilbert tells their story of perseverance in the face of war, burned out churches, and internal challenges. Many of the churches are in areas where war has never ended.

“There is fighting every day; most of the time we sleep in the jungle and come home during the day,” the Rev. Buera N’Dole of the Goma District said.

“His first church was destroyed, his second church burned down and heavy rain swept away his third church,” reports Gilbert.

“Now we are meeting under trees,” N’Dole said. He added he does not know when people can attend church from one day to the next, but he has a congregation of 120.

“I am called to be a United Methodist pastor; it is my faith. Christians still have faith,” he said.

A beautiful slide show by Mike DuBose of UMNS, accompanies the piece.




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