Complaint Filed Against Kansas Pastor

Bishop Scott Jones

By Walter Fenton-

According to the Kansas City Star, a district superintendent in the Great Plains Annual Conference has filed a complaint against the Rev. Cynthia Meyer, the pastor who recently announced to her congregation in Edgerton, Kansas, that she is in a partnered relationship with another woman. A hearing was scheduled for this week.

For now the matter is considered a personnel issue, and therefore Meyer and conference officials are sworn to confidentiality, and to hopefully resolving the complaint short of a church trial.

However, the potential for a trial in this situation is relatively high. The Rev. Meyer has not indicated she has any intention of surrendering her ministerial credentials, and her announcement was evidently coordinated with the Reconciling Ministries Network’s pre-General Conference publicity campaign called “It’s Time.”

Bishop Scott Jones, the episcopal leader in the Great Plains Annual Conference, has made it clear he will not shy away from church trials when pastors blatantly disregard the Book of Discipline. In a 2014 address to conference clergy Jones famously said that if 100 pastors presided at same-sex unions then “there [would] be 100 suspensions from ministry … followed by 100 trials.”

In an article well worth reading in its entirety, retired pastor and popular columnist, the Rev. Christy Thomas wrote, “I’m glad [Meyer] has declared herself, but I believe she should have accompanied the announcement with the relinquishment of her credentials as a UMC clergy.”

Thomas, who writes for the progressive United Methodist Insight, believes the UM Church should remove “the discriminatory and truly distasteful language found in the Book of Discipline concerning homosexuality.” But she went on to explain that while she has “great sympathy” for Meyer, she is “concerned that she has not shown integrity in her years of ministry.” We couldn’t agree more.

Walter Fenton is a United Methodist clergyperson and analyst for Good News.


  1. Ian McDonald says

    This will be used by Reconciling Ministries and others just like the Schaefer trial. Those who oppose changing the BOD and do not back away from the authority of scripture concerning marriage and sexuality and join them, will be made out to be homophobic etc.. to the rest of the world. The sad fact is that some in positions of leadership are only to happy to lead others down the road to perdition with their new Gnosticism.

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