Bequi Flores: a Faithful Future for the United Methodist Church

Bequi Flores

Bequi Flores

Bequi Flores, a second year student at Asbury Theological Seminary and a member of Good News’ board of directors, is excited about leading a new congregation when she graduates in 2015. Her hope for the church is contagious. We’re thankful for young men and women like Bequi who are helping lead the United Methodist Church to a faithful future. Bequi shared with us her call to ministry.

What degree are you pursuing at seminary? And what year of your program are you in?

I am pursuing a Masters of Divinity, and I am in my second year.

What kind of ministry field do you want to enter after you graduate?

I would like to enter pastoral ministry with a new or developing congregation, but I am also discerning what ways I can best use my gift of teaching to edify the church.

Who are the people who have been influential in your call to ministry?

There are several people who have been influential in my call to ministry. My greatest influence was my grandfather, Rev. Samuel Blanco. I grew up having the opportunity to see him “in action” as he ministered to people and patiently discipled them with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Another great influence in the journey of my call to ministry has been Rev. Dr. Ruben Saenz Jr. While I was still in the discernment process, I participated in the Lay Missioners Planting Network and was able to attend the New Church Leadership Institute. Rev. Saenz facilitated the LMPN and encouraged me to attend the NLCI in Mt. Sequoyah. Slowly, the desire to respond to God’s call ministry grew within me.

I received specific opportunities for ministry through my local church and it was during this time that I felt God leading me to apply to seminary to prepare for pastoral ministry. I am excited about the ways God can use me in the future.

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