Tyler Street wins Missions Award

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The Rev. Rob Renfroe, the Rev. Cheryl Jones, Ann Morell, and the Rev. Ed Lantz. Photo by Lauren Reynolds.

“Ann, we are so pleased you could be with us for this morning’s presentation,” Rob Renfroe said, as he stood before the congregation of Tyler Street United Methodist Church in Dallas. “You worked alongside Paul for 49 years, and shared joyfully as his partner in ministry.” Renfroe, president and publisher of Good News, presented the congregation with the Paul Morell Missions Award. In honor of the event, special guests included Bishop Michael McKee, District Superintendent Camille Gaston, and Ann Morell, the widow of the late Paul Morell.

“Paul was passionate about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with people near and far,” Renfroe said. “He served here at Tyler Street for 20 years and at First United Methodist in Carrollton for 11. Even though he poured his energies into these large, active congregations, his passion for missions knew no bounds.” Morell was a vital part of Good News’ ministry, serving as chairman of its board of directors. He was one of the founders of Good News’ Evangelical Mission Council and then a charter member of the Mission Society.

“Good News established the Paul L. Morell Mission Award to recognize individuals and groups that share the passion Paul had for proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed,” Renfroe told the congregation. “Tyler Street is doing just that in many different ways. Whether it is through its commitment to raising up homegrown missionaries to send around the world or working through local ministries such as Tyler Street Community Service, Tyler Street Academy, Tyler Street Manor, the Hope Project, C2K, or your work with HIV patients, this congregation models what it means to share the Good News of Jesus in the fullest sense of the word.”

– Good News Media Service

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