Two visions for the future

Bishop-Hagiya-018Bishop Grant Hagiya (Greater Northwest Annual Conference) has provided his analysis of the charges filed against retired Bishop Melvin Talbert for performing a same-sex wedding in Alabama. Hagiya has also proposed a vision forward for a divided United Methodist Church in a recent post on his annual conference website:

“As I have stated many times in the past, I acknowledge my human sinfulness, and do not presume to believe that my position is the unequivocal truth. I cannot know God’s Truth on this issue, and can only stand on my limited conviction of what I believe. I will not force my convictions on those who believe the opposite. Like all of you, I only know what I believe is right, and I need to be in constant prayer and discernment.”

In response, the Rev. Maxie Dunnam responded to Bishop Hagiya through a post on The United Methodist Reporter:

“My question to the Bishop is, given your admission that you ‘cannot know God’s truth on this issue,’ why can’t you trust the Church?  And if you can’t trust the Church on this issue, how do you determine when to trust her and what you can trust her with?

MaxieDunnam_300-150x150“Bishop Hagiya confessed that he believed the issue of Bishop Talbert violating the governance covenant was more important to the Council than his violation of the Church’s understanding of marriage. I hope he is wrong in that assessment of the mind of the Council.  Who are our chief shepherds and teachers in United Methodism? Our pastors and bishops. What is the purpose of the General Conference and the Discipline of our Church?”

We encourage the reading of both posts.

To read Bishop Hagiya’s appeal, click HERE.

To read Dr. Dunnam’s response, click HERE.

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