Letters to the Editor – November/December 2013

Alarming new trends

Recently, at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in West Lafayette, Indiana, our Sunday school class discussed health ministries and local churches. Cokesbury’s publication Faith Link discussed stewardship of health as an individual responsibility. But then it quotes the 2012 Book of Discipline as saying health care is a basic human right. It goes on to say, “We believe it is a governmental responsibility to provide all citizens with health care.”

This socialistic trend in our church is very disturbing. My wife and I deeply appreciate your Good News support of basic tenants in our church fight to retain biblical truths.

William R. Border

West Lafayette, Indiana


Worth the fight

I too believe the United Methodist theology is excellent and worth the fight to preserve. Thank you and all the staff of Good News for your dedication. I will continue to lift you all in prayer.

Gary Clark

Via email


Standing truth

Keep proclaiming The Truth – not being influenced by culture and the progressive element in the UM Church.

Larry Baker

Oak Park, Virginia



It sounded like the “The Long Arc Toward Justice” (July/August 2013) was just another attempt to bash our state over events from 50 years ago. Actually, we have some of the best race relations in that nation and the most black elected officials of any state.

Something that I have noticed since 1970 is that many UM Church ministers seem to approve of discrimination against whites in hiring, promotions, and educational opportunities. Jesus loved all people!

Skipper Anding

Ridgeland, Mississippi


Quality, not quantity

Re: “John Wesley’s Secret for Building Community” (September/October 2013)

You could write a lot of articles that deal with church membership in and of itself. Sometimes I think our world measures success by the amount of production you can achieve.

It’s a dangerous place to be when congregations allow themselves to be so taken by the world’s way of measuring success that we’ve completely forced our ministers to abandon the difficult demands of the gospel and turn to opening the flood gates in the name of production.

Joel Rohde

Via goodnewsmag.org


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