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The plan by more than 30 United Methodist clergy in Eastern Pennsylvania to jointly preside over a same-sex union service represents an escalation in the movement to disregard of our United Methodist Discipline, established from decades of holy conferencing. It is lamentable that an act of worship will once again be used as political theater in an effort to nullify the moral teaching of the church. It appears that covenant breaking and pressure tactics are replacing Scripture and holy conferencing to determine the church’s moral teaching.

We are seriously troubled by the appearance that The United Methodist Church is hopelessly divided on issues of doctrine and morality. It seems that the situation is spiraling swiftly out of control, with this proposed joint service following the first-ever public and flagrant disregard of the Discipline by a bishop.  This approach is a slap in the face to all who uphold 2,000 years of Christian moral teaching. Such tactics call into question whether The United Methodist Church can remain together.

For more than 200 years, The United Methodist Church has been committed to a form of polity that preserves church unity and ensures that we remain faithfully engaged in discernment and holy conferencing on a host of contemporary issues, including a right understanding and practice in regard to sexuality and marriage. Such a right understanding and practice are crucial to the church’s mission of making disciples for the transformation of the world. We grieve the enormous loss of time and resources that will be expended dealing with the contemplated joint disobedience and the damage that will be done to the unity of the church.

Many United Methodists will not continue to support a church that is unable or unwilling to enforce its doctrinal and moral standards. We call upon the Council of Bishops to exert clear and consistent leadership in upholding both the process and the product of the church’s holy conferencing over the past 40 years. To allow widespread public schismatic actions to continue with impunity will only confuse our members and betray the church’s polity — signaling further division and compromise with a society that has abandoned biblical moral teaching.

 — Good News Media Service


  1. As a lifelong Methodist, baptized as an infant, and an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church, I beleive we are all sinners. All Homosexaul, Lesbian,, Bisexuall and Transgender persons are welocme to become a part of our Worlld Wide United Methodist Church, However, none of us have a right to demand that our church place it’s stamp of approval on our behavior. The GLBT Activists are asking the church to lay asiide , not only 2000 years of Biblical and Medical teaching and celebrate GLBT behavior.
    All of us sinners are welcomed and celebrated but we cannot ask that our pet “manifold sins” be celebrated,

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