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Good News president Rob Renfroe was on PBS’ next Religion & Ethics News discussing a UM scholar who performed the wedding of his gay son.

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A United Methodist scholar faces a possible church trial for performing the wedding ceremony of his gay son.


Watch the full episode here:

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  1. Rene Truan says

    Civil Rights for same sex marriage is not the same as Civil Rights for racial and ethnic equality. Civil Rights for gays is a closer equal to Civil Rights for racial and ethnic equality. My argument is not against gays but same sex marriage. God made men and women for each other and the church and society established marriage as the formal union for a man and a woman. A distinction needs to be made for same sex couples that wish to unite. A contractural civil union in the courts is OK but not a union called marriage that is recognized by the church. I imagine that if the UMC were to some day approve same sex marriages, there would be a mass exodus of members from the UMC. Unfortunately, I would also leave the only church I have known and loved since birth.

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