Letters to the Editor – September/October 2013

Two-way message
Thank you for upholding the church’s needs for God’s teachings, however, it is important to remind ourselves that the Christian faith is more than a one-way message. This was recently brought home to me while following a pick-up truck with a tailgate sign that read in big bold letters: “God Loves You.” After a few stoplights, it occurred to me that this was only half of the Gospel message. The other half should include a sign that reads: “Do You Love God?” Christ showed us that God indeed loves us, however, our personal response to loving God completes the story.

Belief without individual participation lacks salt. The Wesleys knew this by their organizing and monitoring methods. This is why we are called “Methodists.”

Robert Moser
Madisonville, Kentucky


Further the Kingdom
We appreciate all the work you do to further God’s Kingdom. May God bless you as you encourage and support others in their walk.

Gerry and Betsy Kersey
Cleveland, Tennessee 


What U.S.A. needs
Good News is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it is what the U.S.A. needs today. Pray for true revival in our country and pray that it comes before it is too late.

Dennis Moore
Brooklyn, New York


Transforming Congregations
Thank you for your the inclusion of the Transforming Congregations in your future publications. Because they obeyed the rulings of the General Conference many years ago, they have been ignored. The Reconciling Congregations have continued to press for their advantage. It was agreed that neither group would use their titles to cause more conflicts when they spoke at conferences. The Reconciling Group has been loud and pushy for more than 30 years.

For about that long in the Desert Southwest Conference there was a group called Unity with both clergy and laity members who met and prayed for The United Methodist Church. We studied the background and history of the Reconciling movement, as well as the medical psychological and other data regarding homosexuality. Each year we invited speakers with diverse viewpoints. We wanted to heal the breech in The United Methodist Church.

Having met and known many who truly left their sexual pain and burdens at the foot of the cross; letting go of the same gender attraction and past hurts inflicted on them by family, friends and companions, is an awesome experience. They are full of happiness with nothing to hide. I keep wondering why the church has continued to blame homosexuals for sins worse than heterosexual sins. God intended for married people (husband and wife) to be faithful and singles to be celibate. The Bible lists all the variations of sexual sins equally. He also expects Christians to forgive and to love all persons.

My hope is that the Transforming pages will be filled with love, forgiveness, invitation and inclusion for all. The ground at the foot of the cross is level.

Billie Reynolds
King City, Oregon


In the prayers
Thank you again for your wonderful Good News. The Rev. Renfroe and all the staff are in my daily prayers. With much love and appreciation to each one. God bless you!

Alice Holloway
Asheboro, North Carolina


A rock
You are a rock for evangelical United Methodist’s to lean on, cheer about, and receive encouragement from regarding our embattled church. Good News brings us hope, even here in California; where liberalism, including our state government, seems impossible to penetrate. God bless you all, and thanks!

Carol Keesling
Yuba City, California

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