David and Jeanie Stanley Receive Robb Award

The Good News Board of Directors presented its ninth annual Edmund W. Robb, Jr. United Methodist Renewal Award to David and Jeanie Stanley at its spring meeting in mid-April. The award, named after long-time Good News board member and renewal leader, Dr. Ed Robb, is given to United Methodists who have made a significant and lasting contribution to renewal within The United Methodist Church.

“Describing what Dave and Jeannie Stanley have done for the renewal of The United Methodist Church, is a daunting if not impossible task,” said the Rev. Rob Renfroe, president and publisher of Good News, during an award ceremony to honor the Stanleys. “However, I am certain of this. It is right that we recognize Dave and Jeanie together for that is how they have lived and that is how they have served Christ and his kingdom — together.

(L to R) the Rev. Keith Boyette, David and Jeanie Stanley, the Rev. Rob Renfroe, and the Rev. Tom Lambrecht.

(L to R) the Rev. Keith Boyette, David and Jeanie Stanley, the Rev. Rob Renfroe, and the Rev. Tom Lambrecht.

“As you come to know Dave and Jeanie one of your first observations is not simply that they are always together, but that they love each other,” Renfroe continued. “Between them there is a tenderness and a thoughtfulness and an affection that makes real what the Bible means when it states that the two shall become one. It’s something deep and real, and touching and inspiring. And it is something that has been going on as a married couple for — over 60 years.”

The Stanleys have served as a past International Executive Couple of United Marriage Encounter, an organization they continue to serve as officers and board members. Together, they have helped present more than 100 Marriage Encounter Weekends in seven countries and many states.

David has taught an adult Sunday school class for 46 years at Wesley United Methodist Church, Muscatine, Iowa. He was a delegate to the 1992 United Methodist General Conference, chairing the Iowa delegation, has been a lay member of the Iowa Annual Conference for 27 years, and served as its associate lay leader for stewardship. He also has co-chaired the Methodist Laity Reform Movement in Iowa, which was recently renamed Revive.

The Stanleys helped to found the Institute on Religion and Democracy’s UM Action program in 1993, and David has chaired UM Action ever since. They have served on the board of The Confessing Movement since its inception in 1995.  Jeanie has been a long-time trustee of the Foundation for Evangelism.

The Stanleys have been generous with their time and their finances in the support of the work of the IRD, the Confessing Movement, Good News, and A Foundation for Theological Eduction (AFTE) which provides funds for orthodox Ph.D. students.

“Dave and Jeanie have lived for a mighty purpose — and that purpose is what God is doing in the world,” Renfroe said during the presentation at the campus of The Woodlands United Methodist Church. “They have taken hold of life as if it is a splendid torch and they have made it burn brightly. And on behalf of future generations, let me say that we are grateful. We are grateful for your faithfulness and your vision and your courage and your perseverance and your gentle but unbending spirits.”

Also present at the ceremony was Ed Robb’s son, Dr. Edmund W. Robb III, pastor of The Woodlands UM Church. “I know it would have thrilled my father that this award is named after the work he did to renew the church,” said Robb. “And he would be particularly pleased that persons of the caliber of the Stanleys are being honored in his name.”

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