Election Congratulations

The Renewal and Reform Coalition wants to congratulate those who were newly elected to positions on the Judicial Council and the University Senate. The slots on the Judicial Council were filled by the Rev. Dr. Kabamba Kiboko, the Rev. Dennis Blackwell, Oswald Tweh, and Beth Capen.

The University Senate positions were filled by Dr. Jan Love, Dr. Kasap Owan, Dr. William Abraham, and Dr. Bill Arnold.

The Renewal and Reform Coalition is very happy to announce that Rev. Kiboko and Rev. Blackwell, as well as Oswald Tweh were candidates listed on our Judicial Council recommendation slate. As for the University Senate, Drs. Kasap Owan, William Abraham, and Bill Arnold were also listed on our supported slate.

The Renewal and Reform Coalition congratulates all of the candidates and will be praying that their terms are fruitful and productive.