Book Signings, Focus 2

Booth and Tooley sign new books

Our coalition colleagues Karen Booth and Mark Tooley will both be having book signings at the Cokesbury book store in the convention center on Thursday, April 26, from 1pm-2pm.

Forgetting How to Blush:  United Methodism’s Compromise with the Sexual Revolution (Bristol) is the new book from the Rev. Karen Booth, director of Transforming Congregations.

William J. Abraham of the Perkins School of Theology calls Booth’s book a “first-rate review of the controversy on sexuality in The United Methodist Church.” Dr. Abraham goes on to say, “It furnishes a deep analysis of the cultural, theological, political, moral and eccelesial issues involved. It should be read with a gimlet eye on the consequences of the controversy for the future of United Methodism.”

Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, has written Methodism & Politics in the 20th Century:  From William McKinley to 9-11 (Bristol).

“This is the first thorough treatment of the political activities of the Methodists in the modern period,” observes Dr. Thomas C. Oden, the Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Theology and Ethics at Drew University. “The Methodists are America’s largest mainline denomination. This book is a fact-based report with extensive references. Mark Tooley is one of the best writers in religious journalism today. Great read. Immensely useful to those who want to understand how the mainline churches got where they are today.”