Confessing Movement update, Wednesday

Wednesday, April 25, 2012 – Day 2 at General Conference.

The Renewal and Reform Coalition (RRC), comprised of The Confessing Movement and other renewal groups, held the first breakfast meeting this morning.  Over 200 persons showed up for the 6:30 am event, most of them delegates and the rest team members, spouses, and visitors.  Delegates were seated by legislative group to discuss election of officers for the group. This first week the team is monitoring and helping to serve as a resource for legislative groups.  No major issues have been debated as yet.

The main business of the conference on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning was adopting the rules of the conference. One important rule states that no one other than delegates and General Conference personnel is to be on the floor of the conference without a vote of approval by General Conference delegates.   (This is an existing rule that has been ignored by bishops when the demonstrations related to homosexuality have taken place the last several conferences).  It is to be seen how this will play out this year.

The conference tried something called Holy Conferencing this afternoon. Delegates broke into small groups to listen to each other and confer on issues relating to sexuality.  Whether this did any good remains to be seen.  The issue of the practice of homosexuality continues to be the most divisive issue before General Conference.  Almost all the delegates who have served in the past have been through this routine many times before.